WIFI 360° Panoramic Bulb Camera 2MP

360-degree panoramic view, monitoring no dead ends, large viewing area.
Two-way voice intercom, built-in microphone, and baby O distance interaction.
The mobile phones will be able to remotely monitor, anytime, anywhere want to see.
Abnormal alarm push function, when an exception occurs, the mail push.
Night to provide lighting, can adjust the brightness through the APP, timer switch machine.
  • 360 - Degree Panoramic
  • Two - Way Voice Intercom
  • Built - In Microphone
  • LED - Lights
Brand: V380
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360 degree super large angle view - 360° wide angle view for different monitoring scenes, different viewing modes, taking care of your home, live viewing, day and night. Night vision can be up to 16 feet. Not only for lighting, but also for monitoring via wireless camera bulb
Motion Detection - When you are outside, you can't always look at your home. When any action is detected, an alert is taken from the camera on the phone. Nanny cams, commercial surveillance, security, vacation home surveillance, remote live video streaming, you can also check expired video files saved on TF cards (up to 64G). Be your eyes - safe system security, a good helper for monitoring your home wireless wifi camera.

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