SIMTEK MPPT Plus Hybrid Solar Charge Controller 48Volt 65AMP Smart Digital DC 12V/24V

SIMTEK MPPT Plus Hybrid Solar Charge Controller 80AMP Smart Digital DC 12V/24V
Solar input 4000 watt
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Brand: Simtek
Warranty: 1 Year
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Rs. 30,000
Ordered Quantity: 1
Hybrid – Battery Charger Auto Cut Off
220v Out You can Connect Charger or UPS.
Daylight WAPDA is not Used.
At Evening Auto WAPDA Convert.
Digital display & Led Battery Level indicator
96% efficiency in 12-V systems and 97% efficiency in 24-v systems
Wide input voltage range: 15 V to 90 V
High-rated output current: 80A
Over-charge and surge protections
System over-temperature and ambient light detection capabilities
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