Panoramic Wi-Fi Camera

Panoramic wifi camera with an HD fisheye lens, superior night vision and accurate motion detection mechanisms, it brings clarity, immersive vision and ease of use to home monitoring, and can be ceiling or wall mounted.
The 180-degree field of view (wall) or 360 degree (ceiling) ensures that you get to keep an eye on your loved ones or property – with no blind spot, day or night – on your iPhone or Android phone anywhere, anytime.
  • Panoramic View
  • Tow Way Audio
  • Watch on Mobile With or Without Internet
  • Small Size
Brand: V380
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Description: HD Fisheye IP Camera 960P 360 Degree Full Viewing Mini CCTV Camera 1.3MP Network Home Security WiFi Camera Panorama With a 360-degree panoramic view, you can see the entire picture at home without turning the camera, and there will be no blind spots on the monitor. Professional fisheye lens, 1.44mm lens, 1/3 COMS sensor, panoramic view, clear and bright. Support infrared night vision, support real-time video, maximum 128 GB memory card recording, automatic coverage, can view video playback at any time Real-time two-way voice call, gently press and hold the call button, and then talk with your family in real time. The package includes: 1 wifi camera (no memory card inside) 1x USB cable 1 plug 1x English/Chinese user manual 1 fixing screw and 1 metal plate for magnetism

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