Simtek 12V 20AMP Digital Battery Charger With (12v Output)

SIMTEK Automatic Battery Charger 12Volt 20 Ampere - Digital Display

Pakistan #1 Battery Charger
Fully Digital Control as per battery condition
6 Month warranty

  • Auto On / Off 12v Fan and Light 2 Fan 2 Light
  • Auto cut off . Increase Battery Life
  • 6 Month Warranty
  • LED Display
Brand: Simtek
Warranty: 6 Month
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Rs. 6,500
Ordered Quantity: 3

Fully Automatic Best Quality SIMTEK Lead Acid Battery Charger 12V-20Ampere

SIMTEK®? Battery Charger and Status Indicator is designed to charge and maintain batteries simultaneously, keeping them charged to their maximum capacity which optimizes battery performance and longevity without damaging effects caused by overcharging.This makes the charger ideal for different lead acid battery types(Car,Generator,UPS,Tubular,AGM,GEL,).The elegant charger design includes LED indicator on the front that shows operation and battery status.
SIMTEK®? Battery Charger has active battery monitoring system which always charge battery at perfect rate to prevent any damages to battery.This also make sure that charger connected to battery 24/7 and let the charger do its job.

SIMTEK®? Automatic Battery Chargers

      Heavy Duty,Power full,ReliableFully Automatic Switch Mode Design Wide Input Voltage Range80-VAC to 245-VAC Can charge different lead-acid batteries LED lights indicator shows charging and battery status Protections: Battery Reverse-Polarity, Battery over-charging, Over Current & Thermal Protection.Works as DC power supply.100 Day’s Free Repairing/Replacement* Warranty.

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