Smart Mini Switch Controller 10A

Smart Mini Switch Controller To Remote Turn On/Off Connected Appliance Of Different Types and Brands Via Okasha Smart App From Anywhere In The World, And It Can Provide You With Amazing Smart Home Control Experience.

Wifi Smart Switch Controller Works With Okasha Smart App, Google Assistant, Alexa, & Siri.
Brand: Okasha Smart
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1. Mobile Remote Control (Supports WiFi network)

2. Timing- Set Scheduled / Countdown /Loop Timers To Turn On Off At Specfied Time

3. Countdown

4. Supports max 8 Enabled Scheduled/Countdown/Loop Timers For Each Device

5. Notification

6. Remort On / Off From Any Where - Any Time

7. Smart Scene-Triggered On/Off By Temperature, Humidity Or Other Environmental Conditions

8. Sync Status-Real-Time Device Status Provided To App

9.Compatible With Okasha Smart.


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